Dimo - Mechanical carpentry

Subcontracted Mechanical machining

Dimo Srl was founded in 1988, as a mechanical carpentry specialised in subcontracted processing. The experience and skills acquired over years in this sector have allowed us to become suppliers for leading European farming machinery manufacturers and work with prestigious brands in the automotive sector.

We construct Diesel engine parts and mechanical structures for powered vehicles, with PPAP product quality certification. The internal engineering department lets us check the feasibility and progress of each process and offer customers complete, high quality service from design approval to production.

The covered work area is 14,000 square metres and includes a processing department (with 50 fully updated technicians), a part storage and handling warehouse, an office area with engineering department (for production process development) and a customer service department that guarantees direct contact to meet every customer's need.

Production set-up flexibility, fast certified sample production and efficient completion distinguish Dimo Srl, whichmaintains its care for details typical of craftsmen and combines this with technologies and industrial structures that let it distribute its products throughout Europe.